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Game with 100 most misspelled words.                                             Football game.           
Bonus Features
Create Wordlists within
Vowel Categories
BossyR- Diphthong)

Includes additional
wordlists for
Inflectional Suffixes
Web Tool Interactive Tool

Single Syllable Words
3,500 words in 21 pages

Find Vowel - Find Last Sound - Find Beginning Sound
Single Syllable Words
Condensed Vowel Matrix
3,500 words in 4 pages

- Find Vowel
- Find Last Sound
- Find Beginning Sound

If first letter is blue,
substitue other consonants.


Segmenting Tool

Morphology - Adding Suffixes

Matrix for adding s/es, er, ing and ed

Matrixes  for adding Common Suffixes

Special Spellings for Ending Sounds
Multiple Syllable Words

SPORGLE and 5 Finger Syllables: 
Tips for chunking unknown words.

Web Tool
Interactive Tool
8,000 words

Presents a single random word for a category,
as well as a wordlist for selected category.

Multi-syllable Words

Rules and Vowel Matrix

Vowel Matrix for Multi-syllable words

Double Rules
Print Document
2 Syllable Words
When Do I Double the Middle Consonant?
Double Rules
Print Document
Web Tool

Interactive Tool
Pattern Analysis of
10,000+ two syllable words.

Print and interactive tools to assist you.
Sounding Out
Multiple Syllable Words
Selecting Syllable Vowel Sounds

Web Tool
Interactive Tool
2 syllable words:  3,600
3 syllable words: 3,000
Create Explicit Wordlist
for 2 and 3 letter clusters:
beginning - medial - ending

Word database of 11,000 words

Web Tool


What Vowels Make
the Short u or
(ǝ) Sound?
Web Tool


2 syllable words:
   1st Syllable    299
   2nd Syllable   825

3 syllable words:
   1st Syllable     341
   2nd Syllable    905
   3rd Syllable    993



Find state and nation spellings in one click - First Sound
Letter/Sound Matrix Format
Click Letters for First Sound and Last Sound
clock   Select Format  clock text
3 Clicks Spelling
Find the spelling for most words (40,000), such as
"bat", "antagonize", "tonsillectomy" or "pneumonia"
in 3 Clicks.

                Steps to finding the spelling of a word in 3 clicks.

Say the word you want to spell - Listen for the Very First and Very Last sounds.
Click #1 - Click on the picture or letter for the Very First sound.
Click #2 - Click on the picture or letter for the Very Last sound.
Click #3 - Click on the number for the Syllable Count.
Find the word by searching each Level (1 = Most Frequent  10 = Least Frequent)
If needed, click on additional letters for sounds between first and last sound.