The use of Text to Speech tools could be very beneficial to students using 3 Clicks Spelling.  When the student is not sure which word within a list is the word of focus, they can highlight one or more words and copy them to allow the Text to Speech tool to read the information. 

You will need to research which Text to Speech tool best works with your computer device and/or operating system.   When researching tools, some are free or minimal cost, look for a tool that monitors the clipboard.  This function will automatically read any text information copied to the clipboard.  Other tools require that you paste the text into their tool and then press play.

To see a demo, watch the Text to Speech video in YouTube Topics.

Windows based tool - XP - 8.   Works with IE and Chrome.  TTS Reader  Does not run on Windows Surface nor in Windows 10

Window 10 TTS Download.

Shop iStore, Play Store and Windows Store for text to speech tools for tablets and phones.

Text to Speech